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6 Steps to Getting Your Home Loan

Our dedicated experts guide you through the process, supporting you in making informed decisions and guiding you to secure a loan that suits your financial situation successfully. We provide a seamless and personalized experience from assessing finances to loan approval. Let us make your homeownership dreams a reality.

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Assess Your Finances 

Evaluate your income, expenses, credit score, and savings to determine your borrowing capacity. We’ll help you figure out your borrowing capacity how much you could qualify for, and guide you toward the loan type that suits you best.


Explore Loan Options

Explore the many loan types available for you and understand what differentiates them from interest rates and terms to eligibility requirements. Our team can provide valuable information to help you find the loan that fits your unique needs.


Pre-Qualification and Home Search

Our experts here at Diversified Home Loans can help you get pre-qualified and provide your estimated borrowing amount. We suggest working along side a real estate agent to find a home within your budget.


Loan Application and Documentation

Once you’re ready to seal the deal with your dream home, you’ll submit a formal loan application to Diversified Home Loans. Our stellar team will guide you through the loan application process and make it clear what documents are needed such as income verification and tax returns.


Loan Processing and Underwriting

Count on us for thorough application review, information verification, and credit assessment. We’ll handle appraisals, title searches, and evaluations for a smooth underwriting process.


Loan Approval and Disbursement

Upon approval of your loan application, our team will work with you to finalize the loan terms and conditions. We will proceed with the disbursement of the funds completing the process to purchase your dream home.

home loans
Tailored Solutions

Why Our Home Loans Are Beneficial

Expert Guidance

Our dedicated experts will guide you through securing a home loan, providing personalized assistance and informed decisions.

Wide Range of Options

We offer diverse loan options with valuable insights on rates, terms, and eligibility, tailored to your needs.

Personalized Experience

We provide a smooth and efficient process, working closely with you to address concerns and realize your homeownership dreams.

Nice to Meet You!

Meet Our Team

Justin Molyneux, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Justin Molyneux

Justin is the primary lending manager for Diversified Home Loans. He loves helping people find the right home financing. With 20 years of experience, he prioritizes communication and education to ensure clients feel confident. Justin's unique approach adapts to individual situations, and he enjoys building relationships within the community.

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Stan Checketts, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Stan Checketts

Stan, a native of Cache Valley, has 19 years of experience in mortgage lending. He values personal relationships and aims to provide the best service to his clients. Stan is knowledgeable in various loan products and holds licenses in Utah and Idaho. He actively serves the community through volunteering and coaching youth sports.

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Chris Coats, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Chris Coats

Chris has been in the industry since graduating from Utah State University in Finance & Economics. He finds satisfaction in helping clients achieve their dream homes and values communication. Chris is married and has four children, enjoying sports, waterskiing, and camping with his family. He aims to educate his clients and provide exceptional customer service in the mortgage process.

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Mo Heath, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Mo Heath

Mo is always available to help clients and is committed to honesty. He lives in River Heights with his wife and daughter. Mo graduated from Utah State University, proficient in Spanish and Business. He enjoys golfing and skiing. Specializing in various loans, Mo ensures clients receive the best mortgage options tailored to their needs. He is passionate about providing a seamless and pleasant loan experience.

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Stuart Brower, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Stuart Brower

Stuart values his family and enjoys sharing their stories. He graduated from Utah State University and has extensive experience in the mortgage business. He joined Diversified Home Loans in 2008 to offer the best loan products and prices to clients in Utah and Idaho. With a focus on excellent customer service and communication, Stuart aims to provide the best home loan experience with integrity.

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Chad Giles, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Chad Giles


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Justin Talyor, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Justin Taylor


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Dominique Rogers, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Dominique Rogers

Dominique, in Smithfield, Utah, cherishes his roles as a husband and father. He enjoys boating, golf, football, and basketball, prioritizing family time. Dominique graduated from Utah State University in Finance and began working at Diversified Home Loans. Dedicated to helping families in Utah and Idaho, he provides the best home purchase options via thorough scenario analysis.

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Kaden Barr, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Kaden Barr

Kaden, a Cache Valley local, is passionate about the outdoors and helping people with mortgages. When not working, he's skiing, hunting, camping, or fishing. With 10 years of finance experience, Kaden specializes in mortgages. He strives to make the mortgage process stress-free, allowing clients to enjoy homebuying.

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Matt Adams, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Matt Adams

Matt holds a finance degree and an economics minor from USU. With extensive real estate experience spanning over a decade, he is passionate about assisting clients with their financial decisions. As a mortgage broker, Matt offers tailored solutions, exceptional customer service, and transparency to guide clients through stress-free home buying or refinancing experiences.

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Derick Cox, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Derick Cox

Derick prioritizes providing customers with a superior home buying experience. With expertise in various loan types, he eases stress by presenting all options and guiding clients from prequalification to closing. Derick's passion for life, family, and outdoor activities fuels his dedication to forming lasting relationships with clients.

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Riley Johnson, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Riley Johnson

Riley takes pride in helping families achieve homeownership. With a deep connection to Cache Valley and expertise in various loan types, Riley's goal is to ensure clear communication, timely closings, and exceptional service throughout the real estate process.

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Garrett Hansen, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Garrett Hansen

Garrett Hansen's passion for strategic financing and positive impact was sparked during a Ghana internship. With 9 years in real estate and an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) designation, he guides clients toward their goals. Balancing work with outdoor activities and coaching soccer fuels his commitment to excellence. Let Garrett navigate the mortgage landscape and help achieve real estate dreams.

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Matthew Wright, a seasoned mortgage expert with over two decades of experience, is dedicated to guiding individuals through their homeownership journey. With a strong background in finance and economics, Matthew offers tailored mortgage solutions that align with clients' unique needs and financial goals. His commitment extends beyond his professional life, as he understands the importance of finding the perfect home as a family man.

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Brian Heiser, Diversified Home Loans, Logan Utah

Brian Heiser

Brian Heiser is an experienced Mortgage Loan Officer with over 18 years of industry knowledge. His professionalism, integrity, and commitment to excellence have earned him a stellar reputation. With expertise in various loan programs, Brian provides personalized guidance and support to clients, ensuring they make informed decisions. He is passionate about helping clients navigate the lending process with confidence and peace of mind. In his personal life, Brian enjoys outdoor activities with his family.

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